Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question of the Day

Yesterday, Jules and I headed to Vermont to enjoy the day of sunshine. We arrived at the US border early and was greeted by the All- American looking young male custom's officer. Jules warned me ahead of time , not to say anything stupid. I reminded him to watch how he answers questions as you just really don't know what they are going to ask you. Each time we cross the border, we always get asked the strangest questions...Like " So, what going on down there or Is there a reason why you should not be entering the US?" I really think that the American Customs Services pays someone to sit at a desk and write up the questions for the guards.

Yesterday's question was " So , what do you do for a living?" I smiled and told him my story.... what I did for a living and what I do now. He seemed quite impressed. Then he asked Jules. I wanted to tell him that I was a high price call girl, but didn't think that would go over very well.
Without thinking that I was speaking to an American, I asked if there were any job openings here. He laughed and said yea, and then he reminded me that I should apply on the Canadian side. I said oh ya right. I really thought he was going to invite us over some time for a coffee.

Jules and I drank lots of Green Mountain coffee and bought some in Waterbury. Then we ended up in Williston and went to the Christmas Shoppes to do some shopping. I love that store. It has everything and the prices are really cheap.

For a blast from the past, we had lunch at Ponderosa steak House. We sat there and reminisced about our childhood experiences dining at Ponderosa in Montreal.

We drove home stuffed and were told by a miserable young Canadian custom's guard that the next time I buy anything, I will have to pay duty. We only spent $60.00. It's amazing how different rules apply to different people. I have have crossed the boarder on day trips with friends who have spend over $200.00 and nothing was said.

Needless to say, you know when you are back on Quebec soil...your car has a way of telling you that. Bump, bump , bump.

Vive la Quebec !

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