Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thoughts about Kelly-Anne

Here we are already in November. They say that November is the month of the dead. I tend to agree with that. Last week I attended a church service remembering the dead and of course prayers for Kelly-Anne were said. November is such a dismal month. The sun is shining today, but that is a rarity.

Last week I had a conference call with the hard working committee members for Kelly-Anne's cocktail. It the same each year at this time. We plan the cocktail fundraiser and work hard at getting donations and selling tickets. I wonder what Kelly-Anne is thinking about all of this. It's weird to be planning her birthday party each year as she is not in attendance. Only her spirit is there. Kelly-Anne's steadfast lifesaving friends will be there too. How proud Kelly-Anne would be to see that her friends who she competed with now have children. Their lives have moved forward and I know that Kelly-Anne as I is happy for that.

Who else, I ask goes thought this each year on their deceased daughter's birthday? Sometimes I feel so different that everyone else...maybe because I am different. I still can't get away from the fact that I walk under a black cloud. I'm labeled.

I will take pride in contributing to honoring Kelly-Anne on her 31st birthday. My family and friends are so supportive and will join me to raise a glass to toast Kelly-Anne. I can only believe that she will be looking down and beaming in admiration over the the many people who work hard to keep her memory alive and at the same time work to insure that lives are saved through the hard work of the Quebec Lifesaving Society.

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