Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Birthday

Today would of marked Kelly-Anne's 31st birthday. Today we can only imagine if she were alive how happy and proud she would of been. That smile, those curly locks and perhaps a little toddler with those same curls lagging behind her dragging a blanket and a favorite stuffed animal. We will never know what might of been.

This evening,once again for the 6th year, we will gather to toast Kelly-Anne and remember her spirit, her perseverance and determination towards competitive life guarding. For many in attendance, they will not have known Kelly-Anne. They will only of known her by her reputation as being a world class athlete. Her legacy continues to live on in those who challenge themselves to the harsh waves and deep waters of our oceans.

For me, the pain doesn't go away. The lump is still my throat. I just get better at masking my true feelings. I put on a smile and forge forward each day remembering what Kelly-Anne would expect me to do. The swimming gets better and each time I flex my arm and see the strength of my muscles, I hear Kelly-Anne in my head with that little chuckle of pleasure and envision that smile of approval on her face.

They say time heals...that's a crock of bull. They should say...time changes things :life and oneself becomes different.

I love you and miss you each day Kelly-Anne.xxxxx

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