Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas is already here. It seems that this past year has sped by so quickly. The gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Tonight we will go to midnight mass and tomorrow will will feast with all the Christmas fare of turkey, meat pies and dessert.

I woke up this morning feeling glum.I was thinking of Kelly-Anne and feeling sad that she is not here with us. Her place setting at the table will have a candle lit and I hope that will give me some peace in knowing that her spirit is with us. I was also feeling sad for others unknown to me who have so little or have suffered hardships that we may never understand. The people in Haiti, our soldiers and the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and those in our very own cities who do not have homes or any money to feed and cloth their children. We have so much of everything. The abundance of food is never ending. Jules and I went out to breakfast this morning and somehow got on this conversation about those who are in difficult times. We truly do have alot to be thankful for despite our own loss.

Family and friends called today to extend their warm wishes for the holiday season. Everyone means well, but it is very hard to be in the spirit of the holidays.Kelly-Anne loved Christmas and I am thankful that we have wonderful photos of her as a child under the tree on Christmas morning. I will scan some pictures and post them. Both she and Kim would have matching pj's. Just their smiles on their faces on Christmas morning was so delightful to see.

A friend of mine told me today that his half brother found him. He never even knew that that this person existed. I look at this as a gift. A new brother comes into his life probably at a time when he needs it the most. We really do not know what life will bring us. As I have said so often, life is fragile and we must live for today. We must love those around us and cherish our fond memories of today and of Christmas past.

I wish you all not matter if you believe in the spirit of Christmas or not, a beautiful and peaceful holiday season and New Year filled with health, happiness and love.

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