Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Today I believe in hope,renewal and peace. That is the message I heard today in church. As I sat there,with Jules, Kim and her father, I realized that a very big part of our family was missing. Kelly-Anne should of been with us in the pew. However I believe she was there nearby, witnessing a beautiful baby being baptized and hearing the message that Christ has Risen.

The bread dough is rising. The lamb and ham will soon be cooked and Jules,Kim and I will share our Easter meal. There will not be an egg hunt as Jules and I have decided that we will only have our next egg hunt when we become grandparents.Those precious moments of the girls hunting for eggs are very much close to our hearts and I know that this tradition will once again take it's rightful place one day.

Whatever your belief is, I wish you today peace and hope for the future. I cannot take for granted that I and like you are here on earth for a reason. Let that reason be that we are the ones that will forge forward no matter what our situation may be.

I wish you a day of rejoicing.

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