Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elections in Canada

The past few days have been busy as I had the opportunity to work as a Deputy Returning Officer for the Advance Polling. I accepted the challenge as I wanted to learn something new and experience the democracy of a free vote. Many people lined up to cast their vote.

For me, it was also a time to reflect on the role of the status of women here in Canada. Many years ago women were not allowed to vote. We didn't have a say in much. Times have changed as our laws allow women to have a place in our society as voters and as respected members in many government positions. Our say is important. Ironically my station was manned by women only.

I remember some years ago Kelly-Anne also worked at a polling station. I remember her telling me how she enjoyed that experience. I thought of her these past few days as I greeted many seniors who came out to vote early in the hope of avoiding the May 2nd rush. I also had the opportunity of greeting first time voters. Looking at the excitement in these young adults eyes, brought me much joy. Adulthood, the right to vote, and drink! Two responsibilities which I hope both will be taken seriously and maturely. I made sure that we all gave these newbies a round of applause as I wanted to assure that they remember their first voting experience as a special occasion.

Who will be the next prime minister of Canada? Canadians, get out and vote on May 2nd. It's your right to make the decision as to how and who will run our country.

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