Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding Jolène

A cold case that has been on our hearts since 1999 has finally come to the recovery of Jolène's body and the arrest of a suspect. Twelve years of agony and despair for Jolène family has passed. Twelve years of not knowing the truth about the whereabouts and wondering if she was dead or alive. Here is another family walking under that black cloud. The wounds has grown wider, and now the family must face the next steps of seeking justice and burying their daughter. Such pain.

I do not know how the family has survived all these years of living the unknown.I do not think that I would have been able to cope if I had to had faced this situation with Kelly-Anne. We were given by the grace of God time to say goodbye to Kelly-Anne and the murdered was arrested immediately. Were we, we were blessed even though Kelly-Anne died.

Jolène's murderer has been walking the streets for the past twelve years. He is also known to the police. How many other unsolved murders could he be responsible for?

My deepest sympathies to Jolène's family. I can only hope that they find closure and get the needed support during this most difficult time.

Rest in eternal peace Jolène.

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