Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ball

Some years ago Kelly-Anne belonged to a women's gym in Dollard des Ormeaux. She had invited me to come to the gym to work out.I think the year was 1999. It was then that she introduced me to working on a large rubber exercise ball.She demonstrated with ease how to balance on it and to do sit ups. Of course I was a complete klutz and found it difficult to work with.I was impressed with her flexibility, well why would she not be as she kept herself in top notch shape.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get together with two of my girlfriends. We call ourselves the sisterhood. One friend lives in Calgary and she and her husband made a surprise long weekend visit here in Montreal. We girls had breakfast together then set out to the mall. My friend from Dorval and I each decided to invest in the famous exercise ball.

I came home with my ball and pumped it up. Then I sat on it and to my amazement, I was able to balance well on it. I will start soon to do some exercises. My goal is to get fit this summer. It's a pack with my friends, lots of walking, swimming and exercising.

It's time to turn the new leaf of being more in shape,loosing a few un wanted pounds and feeling good. Even though our three some leaves one friend in Calgary, we feel that she is really not far away. We often skype together. For our next skype session we plan to exercises on our balls. That should be funny!

And the funniest of all will be that I will probably hear Kelly-Anne's infectious laughter ringing in my ears!

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Barbara said...

Beautiful....much love to all...