Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Long Distance Relationship

It is all so clear this morning.It is now 6:28 a.m. I have awaken from another dream. This time Kelly-Anne is with me, smiling,holding my hand and very happy. She is in love, she has met this young man from Britain. Her friend set her up to meet him. Kell is making a film in Britain, but comes home to tell me her good news. We are walking in the summer in a city centre. She laughs, her curly locks are bouncing on her head...oh that smile. She tells me that she had a sickness, but she is cured.
At one point in the dream we are sitting in an airplane.

This morning I feel her love even though she is so far away in a distant Heaven, but ironically so nearby.

It's Mother's Day and I feel very blessed to have had this dream. The message is obvious. Kelly-Anne loves me and in her own way has sent me that message through my dream.

Today will be a good day. The sun is starting to peak through. Kim and I will go and see a movie that we have been anxiously waiting for it's release. It is called Water for Elephants. We both read the book and enjoyed it immensely.

Happy Mother's Day!

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BAFLHGOD said...

Beautiful...........Much Love to all....