Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Relying on Help

This week in Brossard, Quebec a 78 year old women became a victim of a heinous stabbing which she died from. Another murder. This case really bothers me as it clearly shows a women who relied on help in her home as she was confined to a wheelchair.

Some forty years ago the victim, Mrs. Livingstone lost her daughter suddenly in a bar fire which many of us remember in Montreal. Since that time, Mrs. Livingstone secluded herself but as the years went by she decided to do something with her life.

The person who took Mrs.Livingstone's life is a women in her 50's who was living with the victim as her caregiver. Again we see control, intimidation and abuse. Sadly the victim could not fend off the murderer.

There is such a dependency on the caregiver when someone has a disability or is wheelchair bound. There is little that they are able to do for themselves so the caregiver is relied on for most duties. It pains me to think that the victim had no control and maybe felt very helpless. We do not have all the facts but as this case goes to court we will hear all the sad details.

Domestic abuse is not just between an man and a women. This case may be rare to hear of in the media, but I do not believe for a moment that it is uncommon. It's the silent secrets surrounded by four walls.

I believe that all people with disabilities or wheelchair bound should be guided about prevention of abuse. Did Mrs. Livingstone know that she could call 911 and leave the phone opened so the police would come to her home? Was she so afraid of this monster and felt all alone?

If you know someone who has disabilities, don't be shy to refer them to a community service where someone could stop in and see how they are doing or offer some information on prevention. Those who have no resources feel very alone and are sheltered sometimes by the wrong people.

On flip side there are people in our society who are very loving and caring to those they look after who are elderly or have disabilities. Love, respect and the up most care are given by these faithful caregivers. I've seen it first hand.

As I have mentioned it is not often we hear of such tragic stories, but we can't assume that there are not any others out there.

Help speak for those who can't.

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