Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Message

It was a typical sunny summer day. I was in a pool which was very long. I was pulling a thin wired covered rope. There was a man standing on the edge of the pool encouraging me to keep pulling the rope. I continued to pull as I waded backwards in chest deep water. Suddenly, I wanted to show my true strength so I turned to face forward and pulled the rope over my shoulder as I continued to wade through the pool. The man was amazed at my strength.

Then all of a sudden I felt my right foot tipping over an edge as the pool was getting deeper. I abruptly stopped. And then I woke up.

Another dream with another message.I had this dream this past Sunday night. I couldn't figure out what it meant then. This morning I well understand it's meaning.


Jane said...

Hi Doreen,

Not sure if you remember me, I am Kimmy's friend Jane- of Jane and Matt, we were in Ottawa with Kim, and worked at Camp Kodiak together.

I came across your blog, and to tell you the truth I'm not even sure how- but sometimes we are just let the things we need to see.

I find writing therapeutic as I journey through life without my son, Noah. Sometimes I have a lot to say, and sometimes very little. Sometimes happy, sometimes, anger, sometimes sadness- always love.

Just wanted you to know that I came across the blog, and wanted to stop in and say Hi. Kelly-Anne is remembered in so many places, and will be forever.

One of my fondest memories of Kelly-Anne was at the Engagement Party that Kim threw for us in Ottawa, at the house where she was living. Kelly-Anne came down for the weekend as well. She made us coasters- painted them, and put our initials, a heart, and the sign for infinity on them. I will always cherish those coasters. Anyway- she helped keep the party FUN- laughing, making the dog of the house do tricks, and talking to everyone, whether she knew them or not, and of course- helping Kim out with the serving and the dishes!

remembering with you,

my daughter, Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Jane,

I am so happy to hear from you. I just looked at your blog for Noah and I am so in pain for your loss. I can't contain my tears. I too was at your engagement party and that I beleive was the first time I had the occassion to meet you and Matt. I am glad you were able to know Kelly-Anne and that you have fond memories of her. Take care and until next time,