Sunday, November 27, 2011

Living the Dream

I felt last night that I have come full circle since the devastating lost of Kelly-Anne seven years ago.Each year the cocktail fundraiser is bittersweet but somehow last evening it was different.I was thrilled that the master of ceremonies chosen was a former swimming teacher of Kelly-Anne. In more recent years he participated with her in competitive living guarding and became a close friend.

What touched me the most was that a couple of lifeguards spoke how the fund was helping them. These young women never knew Kelly-Anne, but today they are able to live Kelly-Anne dream of travel,training and competition. Bravo! Seven years ago, I intended to make a difference in other people's lives. Now Kelly-Anne's foundation is doing just that.

With close to $12,000 raised last evening,the fund will help competitors reach their goals. I must thank Aquam and McDonald's Canada for their generous support. Also thank you to my family and friends and the many others who I do not know personally who continue to support the foundation.

It was also reaffirmed to me last night that the memory of Kelly-Anne and how she touched her colleagues in the sport will never fade. I also realize even more so than before that reaching goals does take time, but the importance is that we never give up. Kelly-Anne's example of perseverance,implication and dedication are the key factors which I hold to.

I feel that I have moved mountains with my "making a difference project" within my career and with Kelly-Anne's fund. My life just doesn't stop here. It's now about continuing and growing all in those baby steps. I look forward in anticipation of my future and what lies ahead for my family. Kelly-Anne's foundation is touching many young adults within the competitive life guarding milieu. They can live their dreams and that excites me. It also excites me that many more lives can be saved by the continued training and dedication of our lifeguards. Our waters will be safer.

I toast my precious daughter, Kelly-Anne on the eve of her 32nd birthday. I love you and I thank you for continuing to inspire me from afar.

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