Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Adventure

Today,  Jules and I  organized our luggage  as we are off this week to visit and Kim and  her new life in the wild west. You would  think we were going away for a month as we pondered for the  longest time as to what we need to take. The bags are basically packed thanks to Jules and his meticulous packing technique. There is even room left for the  bagels. Now who can travel from Montreal without packing those original bagels that Montreal is  so well known for. It was the only thing on Kim's list that she wanted. We are excited. It is a new adventure for us and especially for Jules as he has never flown before. I keep telling him that there was also a first time for everyone on a plane. The headsets  will be with us along with magazines and crossword puzzles. He can watch movies and I will probably watch the Food Network!

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Jasper National Park. Ah, the mountains and all its glory. It will be marvelous.

Today being Mother's Day my thoughts  turn to  my mother and of course to Kelly-Anne. Mom loved to travel and see new things. She also loved to shop no matter where she was visiting. She always felt that there would be something new and different  to purchase  compared to her regular shopping routine here in Montreal. Kell on the other hand loved the adventure of travelling. Shopping was secondary to her. I remember a time when she returned  from  a water polo tournament in Florida. She arrived at the Canada customs agent  in Dorval and was asked what she had purchased. She proudly opened her bag and showed the custom's officer her purchase which was a Tweety bird toy for her cat Trixie. How cute was that, I thought at the time. It was more important to her to think of her cat than of herself or others. I am  a mix of  both. I want to see everything and I want to shop to  look for that  find that is not available here at home.

Today, I feel very blessed and at peace. The sun is shining and I feel even though Kell is not here on this earth or that Kim is so far away that I am still very much  loved by both of them. I am  also thinking of other mothers like myself who have lost a child. And I think of the mom's to be that I have met over the past eight months who are or will become new moms. The anticipation, the excitement, the preparation of welcoming the little one brings a smile to my face each and  everyday.

Stay tune for the continuing stories of  our adventure. I know Kell is happy that  we will be adventuring and I am sure she will be watching over us with a smile on  her face and my mom will probably lead me to  some interesting  shops along the way!

Happy Mother's Day!

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