Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magestic Jasper and Family

It  has been a while since I last blogged. We returned from the west and life resumed to  its busy days with retuning to work, facing the loss of my dear aunt, medical issues to address and taking care of  one of my best friend's two cats as she toured  Switzeralnd. Oh such is life! However, seeing Kim in her new life gave us a respite from our crazy life here in Montreal. Life is so much different out west. Kim has  certainly found her place surrounded by great new friends, a job which she loves, a great boyfriend along with his wonderful family and friends who all welcomed us with open arms.

Shopping was fun, the sites were great and a highlight was a short trip to Jasper Park. The mountains were still snow capped and we were delighted to see the mountain goats poised on the cliffs allowing many tourists an opportunity to  take a few  snap shots. While driving through the mountains, I could only think about Kelly-Anne and realized that she never got to see the  mountains. She would of loved the sights. I am fortuante to have had that  chance to see Jasper and know that  on our next trip out west  we will make the time to see more of our beautiful Rockies.

I noticed as we arrived at Kim's home how  quiet it is. The noise level of  the city is no where to be heard. It is such a drastic difference to where we live. Everywhere one looks there is sure to be a pick up  truck near by. Jules counted 12 in the parking lot at the hotel one evening. Apparently it's the thing to own a pick up even if  one doesn't actually need one for work purposes.

We flew for the first time on Westjet. That was an experience in itself and have to say the staff on both flights were super. It's the only way to fly across Canada! We found it  touching as we were pulling out of the gate in Montreal that at least a dozen Westjet ground crew were standing in a row all waving goodbye to our plane. A simple gesture with a nice touchy good feeling.

There is something to be said about taking a short trip. It's nice to get away and change the routine, but also nice to return home. That being said, the memories of Kelly-Anne and the thoughts of her not being with us on this trip were there. I was having a good time and had to remind myself that I was allowed to enjoy  myself and that she would expect me to do so. Even after almost nine years that is still hard to do sometimes.

Being out west allowed me to see Kim's life and now I can sit back and not be so stressed about she  being so far away. It was the best thing for her to settle in the west and I believe that any young person should go west and pursue their dreams. In my humble opinion, it is really  better than living in Quebec!

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