Friday, October 25, 2013

Continuing the Legacy with God's Help

Thanksgiving weekend was truly one of thanksgiving. We  baptized into God's Holy Church our granddaughter. She looked  like a  true gift from beautiful, alert, and joyful. I could not contain myself in church. There were too many emotions as it suddenly  hit me like a bolt of lightening, that  our granddaughter is the image of Kelly-Anne at that same age. That night I browsed through pictures of Kelly-Anne's baptism and realized that the baby was an actual clone of Kelly-Anne. How is this possible I asked myself. I sent  a picture of  Kelly-Anne next to the baby's picture to   relatives and friends  and they all agreed with me...awesome...but really what I can only say is that God allowed the soul of Kelly-Anne to be placed in our granddaughter. There is no other explanation for this. This is His gift to us, His  creation and His message. That child has already been blessed and having her is a blessing to us.

After the baptism and luncheon, she and her  parents came to our home for Thanksgiving  dinner. Needless to say, we were all exhausted but still enjoyed the turkey and all the trimmings. The baby's supper consisted  of mashed squash and apple sauce. Once a spoonful is given to her, there is no stopping. She just loves to eat !  She reminds me so much of the girls when they first started to  eat food...especially Kelly-Anne who always ate more than Kim.

Even today, I continue windering about how the baby will develop, what  kind of  a little girl will she far we know that she will be a  happy loving child...a child of God, a child who I  know will  go to Sunday school and learn about her faith and why she was baptized. She will one day make  her own decisions about her faith and have her own personal relationship with God.

Also, she will one day come to know who her Auntie  Kelly-Anne was. Her family will see more traits of  Kelly-Anne, her mother and father in  her. I can only believe that with God's help and protection, our baby will have a beautiful life ahead of her, surrounded by her loving  family and friends. She  and all  of us are truly blessed. Her  life has brought  us such joy in knowing that Kelly-Anne lives on in this child of God.

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He certainly does work in mysterious ways...