Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

It's hard  to believe that already  Christmas Eve is here. The meat pies smell delightful and the house looks like Christmas. The new  tree adorns the living room and the many old and new  ornaments hang gracefully. The theme is red, gold and green. Jules  and I decided to keep it very traditional this year.

Each Christmas brings the fond memories of Christmas past....when the girls were young and excited for Santa to make his arrival. That tradition will carry its way to Kim and her family. Paige is still too young but it does excite me to know that we still have a few years before she  re discovers who puts the gifts under the tree. It's her first Christmas and that being said reminds me of Kelly-Anne and Kim's first Christmas.

It has been a busy time for me at the office....and with each customer these past few days have brought me  more than just a special joy, but a joy of peace and hope for the future.  I held a child in my arms yesterday who is three years old and has an disease that cannot be cured. The father joyfully took a picture of us together with her new bear. The parents were  true examples of the love of Christ which shone through them. It  was  tough holding back the  tears. I  felt the lump in my throat but prayed to be strong.

We are soon off to church to see friends and new acquaintances. The dinner parties have already started and of course my bathroom scale is not cooperating with me. I guess a couple of  pounds over the holidays is not the end of the world.

Tonight I pray for peace in the world. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to those not observing I wish  you joy throughout this season........and to all a good night.

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