Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is Around the Corner !

Since the new year began, I  have been consumed with the  prospects of selling  our home and moving to a corner of the world a lttle more quieter. I have  been dreaming of  my herb garden - to-  be, decorating a special room for Paige and a kitchen where I can cook up  a storm.

Back to reality and  I still am also consumed with events that no  longer startle me  but only bring me back to Kelly-Anne and her murder.  I am also consumed with thoughts of  young  girls who are in abusive relations and  are held within  four black walls and cannot get out of their situation. Fear,  lack of understanding of what is happening around them are some of the reasons girls and young women  do not leave their relationships. For families and friends who see the sighs, it is frightening and hard to deal with. How would handle a situation where you found your  daughter, sister or  friend in a situation that could become tragic ?

Winter has been particularly hard this year. I though it was just me, but many are  telling me that  they too are tired and fed up of winter. This winter, I felt like a bear hibernating....I just didn't have the energy to  to much of anything. I do look forward to spring, putting away the boots and donning my Sketchers for a walk along the lake. Spring begins next week and with it brings also the vibrant tulips of the season.

I decided this year I would give up something  for cream. Yes, ice cream has to be my all round favorite food...well dessert, snack, treat,call it what you may. I have never in my life as far as I can remember ever gave  up something for Lent. I felt giving up something I love was the  least I could do to thank God for my life and the life  of  my  family and the new life of Paige.

Paige will be a year soon and  I see many characteristics of Kelly-Anne in her. Her sleep habits, her personality, her looks. It is Kelly-Anne all over again. We have been truly blessed !  

This year will mark the 10 th anniversary of  Kelly-Anne death. Special events will take place. Stay tune for more updates. So much has happened in the past  ten years. I can truly say that Kelly-Anne has been apart of all the events and the many decisions that were made. She had supported me when I  was down and protected me. She has  never left my side.

It  is time to look forward to the longer and warmer days......enjoy spring.

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