Friday, July 25, 2014

The Loving Aunt

Life is as it should be, busy and fulfilling. Working, trying to sell our home, and getting to know our granddaughter Paige  have all be exciting and challenging at the same time.  I realized last month when Paige  came  to visit that things have changed and that I am no longer 25 years old. I do not have the same strength to carry her around or the energy to run after her. Paige is now walking and she is quite good at it. She is growing up quickly and Jules  and I want to grasp  every possible moment with her. She calls  Jules "Ba Ba". She can't yet call him Grandpapa. Paige calls out to the cats by saying "Meow".  And me....well it is simply "mama".

The more I get to know Paige, the more I see Kelly-Anne in her. Paige shares so many similarities with her aunt. Paige loves to eat, has Kell's curly locks, loves to talk and  oh that smile and those beautiful  blue eyes.  We really have been  blessed ! Paige in her own  way has helped ease our pain. It is all about new beginnings  and knowing that  God has put the soul of Kelly-Anne into Paige...what a gift we have received. Paige loves the pool.Kim started her off early at 4 months  with swimming lessons. She loves the water. I feel that I have been given this opportunity to relive the  childhood of my girls through Paige.

If Kelly-Anne were here to day...what would she say and how would  she be with Paige? It really is an easy answer...she would love Paige and be the best aunty to her....teach her to swim, sing, dance and to be silly!

We look forward to Paige's next surprises, changes, and of course there is always a little gift here waiting for her.  It is exciting times for Kim, Joe and for us. Oh the joy we  feel  in this little 3 foot toddler...makes me smile each day.

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