Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bloke

I happen to fall on a piece of information that I  had never known  before about Kelly-Anne. Many years back while she was competing with her friends in her beloved  life guarding, she  named herself The Bloke. At that time there were very few Anglophones in the mileu of competitive life guarding. On her team of four, she was the only anglo. I thought  it interesting, because Kelly-Anne had the personality to laugh at herself.  Shouldn't we all be laughing at ourselves sometimes? I know I do.

Kelly-Anne strived to be bilingual and spoke the French language very well. I was very proud of her accomplishment. I feel Kell sent a very powerful message to many : that there is always room for two languages. Language barriers never stopped her from doing what she needed to do. I feel the same way. Speaking French for me is so important. I spend most of my working day speaking French and am proud that I can do so.

I believe that we all need to be more opened to learning languages and it is still mind boggling to me to know that there are  Anglophones who  have lived their entire life in  Quebec and cannot communicate in French.

But mostly,Kelly-Anne was  not afraid to intergrate into a field that was mostly made up of French speaking athletes. Good for if  only the rest of the world would try to work together............

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