Sunday, April 26, 2015

Life Means Life

 Time has flown passed me in a flash since my last post. Getting over Maya's death  was not easy. We finally adjusted to not having her around us. I think Jules was more concerned about Sylvester and Naji falling into a depression, but cats like humans have  a certain resilience.

February brought me an unexpected invitation to meet and address Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister Steven Blanley. I spoke about my recent visit to the parole hearing this past November and I  made a few suggestions  about what should be changed regarding  the laws governing eligibility for parole. My suggestions were heard !

Later that day  I attended a press conference where the  Prime Minister announced that  the Charter for Victims Rights would be passed in the House of Commons. For him and the Conservatives, life means life. Going forward it will be much more difficult for someone  to get paroled if they  are repeat offenders. It is all good. We are moving in the right direction. I commented to one of his staffers that this present government is the first government in my  life ( and I  have had many prime ministers!) that has actually recognized victims of crime and is  working  towards making the necessary changes to better protect Canadians. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the company of the  Prime Minister. I truly appreciated the day and was honored to have been invited.

Last week, I officially finished working. My office was sold and I spent many a day training the new owners on the ins and outs of the business. It is bittersweet. The past three years were the best time of my  professional life. I learnt so much, met wonderful people, saw our beautiful creations of God almost every day. I am now in transition. Only God knows what lies ahead, but I can honestly say I am not worried.  I will end up in the right place. Another adventure awaits me ! Another job where I can continue to make a difference in other  people's lives..... it is  the only job I will accept.

It seems that since leaving work I have not had a minute of quiet time. Spring cleaning, exercising, swimming  and preparing for a very special wedding next week. Kim & Joe will marry. I look forward to this joyous day, but know my heart will be heavy not having Kelly-Anne with us. I know I have to smile and embrace the day and the love that  shines between my daughter and her wonderful partner. They both deserve the day to be beautiful and happy. I know Kelly-Anne will be beaming from Heaven and sending  love to her sister in  her very own special  way.

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