Friday, May 1, 2015

An Opportunity Denied

Last evening we decided to have an earlier dinner as hubby and I still had to decide what to pack for our weekend away. As such Canadian weather can sometimes surprise us even though the weather network is calling for a summer like weekend. 

As I start to poke at my colorful dinner plate of arugula salad and grilled chicken or what  Jules would call grass or rabbit  food, he decided to start  our supper conversation with " So, do you think you will be okay on Saturday? " Do you think you will cry? I wondered for a moment where that was coming from, then he said which of course  brought my heart to my throat..."Kelly-Anne should of had a chance to have had this too." As my throat seized up and my eyes swelled with tears, I replied,  "yes you are right, she should of have had this opportunity to marry."

Our conversation went into a stand still and dinner  continued with a  rerun of Two and a Half Men. I thought  how deep Jules thinking is at times. I think he made these comments because he senses greatly the loss we will face even tomorrow as Kim weds. Kelly-Anne should of been by her sister's side on her very special day. Kelly-Anne should of had a chance to have met a partner who would of loved her to the moon and back, but no her life was ripped away.

I remember today all other women who should of had an opportunity to be loved and not murdered. These women, like Kelly-Anne did not deserve the treatment they received  from men who decided to intervene in God's plan. An abundant  life denied of love, family, careers and adventure.

I am thankful that tomorrow Kim will have standing beside her loving friends and family. The sun will shine and I will look for that ever so  slight breeze off the  off the pond. It will be Kelly-Anne's message that she is near and dancing for her sister.

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Deborah Perkins said...

Though your lives' journeys have sadly left you two apart. Kelly-Anne is with you, you are with her and always in each other's hearts. Bless you both.