Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Past Relived

Today, I started my day early. The family is coming in from  out of town. The crock pot is on  and  the deviled eggs are all prepared. The lamb will soon go into the oven. The Easter menu is typical of how I was raised. This year, the Orthodox celebrate Easter the same Sunday as all other Christians. The Orthodox Easter is always celebrated after Passover. I can remember as  a child my mom running to the stores  on Easter Monday to buy the good chocolate at half price. That she would say was a  plus to being Orthodox and celebrating after the others.

Today we will have our dinner and continue some of the traditions. I await Paige's arrival as we will color eggs together. It's exciting to relive  once again the special moments like the  holidays with Paige. It  brings me back to Easter  egg hunts with Kelly-Anne  and Kim. They had  big colorful baskets and  were quite good at finding the hidden eggs. Kelly-Anne 's smile and her laughter are wonderful memories of Easter past. The bunny cakes we would make ...... floppy ears and all !

We have hidden Easter eggs for Paige. The tradition continues.

Easter isn't about the chocolate bunnies and little summer toys. I want Paige to understand what this  special  time is really all about. Kim and a close friend for many years growing up  had a tradition of going to Good Friday service then spending the day together doing an Easter activity.

Traditions whether with friends or family are special. We can create our own at any time in our lives.

The Easter message is one of hope; how Jesus died so we may live...His  pain on the cross reminds me daily that his suffering was far worse than mine.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover.

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