Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

This morning over my  cup of coffee I was thinking that after all this years without Kelly-Anne, my Mother's Day should be easier to look forward to. I realized that really not much has changed at all. It really isn't easier. There is still that void...something is missing from the equation.

Paige doesn't replace her aunt. She makes life a little easier, a little more special. That infectious smile coupled with her multiple facial expressions can only make me smile. She certainly knows how to ham it up!

However, I ask my self why do I continue to feel that the black cloud still hovers over me...that I still am different than other moms; that the dining room table still is missing someone around it.

I reflected this past week about the recent abuse cases and trials in the news. Workplace abuse seems to be the for runner these days...a  Conservative  Senator steps down from his job because he was having a sexual relationship with a minor. A pastor,  at that,  one  respected and  looked up to in the church and community. A married man with a family. Why is this happening....power, control ? It makes me sick and  the worst is there is no talk of anyone pressing charges against him. Who else has he abused?

Almost  thirteen years later, I still am looking for positive change in our society, in our personal relationships, in our workplaces, on the street and in our schools. Children continue to be bullied and to be abused in their own homes. Women are still being diminished in the workplace and still afraid to leave their abusive relationships. However, there is one thing we are doing more of now. We are  talking about it. Talk is cheap but our actions will make change.

I  reflect on my own mother...her favorite saying was God gave you a brain, use it. Today, I remember my mother who was not afraid get down on the floor and play with Kelly-Anne and Kim. Her home and family was her life. The girls were always excited to see their grandmother. I feel the same about Paige......I am my mother's daughter.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms far and near and to those who are moms to so many. A mother is more than just a blood line. It is love.

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