Thursday, June 15, 2017

It Really is a Small World

This week I reconnected again with Kelly-Anne 's favorite sport which is Competitive Life guarding. That reconnection came as a big surprise as I met a man who I spent the better part of a day with who knew Kelly-Anne and traveled in the same circles as she did. They competed at the same competitions and had the same circle of friends. It was amazing to be with this  man and to feel  at the same time that  Kelly-Anne was present with us.

There is always  a little part of my heart that  gets crushed. This man, just like  all her other friends, have  married and are bringing up  young families....and that is really so  beautiful.  I am so happy for them, especially when I hear that their children are involved in sports.

My regret is only that I wish Kelly-Anne would of had  that same be married, have a career and raise a family. She would of been an amazing mom.

The quiet of my home today allows me to  recharge and relax. The pool awaits me this afternoon. I reflect on Kelly-Anne and her enthusiasm for her love of life, the water, the sun.

Life continues and each day brings a joy that allows me to mask the pain.  New friends, new accomplishments and  new beginnings...I continue to learn and be the best I can.

I have a great role model to follow.

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