Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why Grandma ?

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with my Grand daughter. Between crafts, baking, hair  and hospital appointments, making popsicles, the park and splash pad we had a great time. Laughter fills that house and Paige has the spirit and smile to make every one's day  just a little brighter.

She is articulate and has quite a vocabulary. She asks alot of questions.We often talk about  Aunt Kell. It's a good thing as Paige is slowly getting to know her aunt from afar. Last week I noticed  a little red dog which use to belong to Kelly-Anne. She named him Marmaduke and he traveled everywhere with her. Paige loves that little dog and his name. She is now taking care of  him.

Much to my surprise Paige ask me in her own words.... " Grandma, why did Aunt Kell die ? I went numb. I didn't know what to say and just quietly said  that she just died  then quickly changed the subject. I didn't  want to  say anything more nor felt is was my place to do so.

I remember saying in my victim impact statement in court back in  2006 that I did not  know  how Kim would ever eventually tell her children about what happened to their Aunt Kell and honestly, today, I still do not know how Kim will manage this task.

It is often said that children observe and retain much more than we realize. Paige is one of those kids. Too advanced for her age. Today's upbringing is different than 30 some years ago. Children learn differently.

Paige asked me to read from her Children's Bible last week. She is asking  questions about God. She wants to hear the different  stories  and  wants to pray. She loves to say Amen at the end of  the prayers. It is a truly a  beautiful age. I love watching her grow and grasping the beauty of life.

We all need to see life through a child, the innocence, the perfection...even running through a splash pad in shorts and a t -shirt can be liberating.

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