Thursday, August 10, 2017

The First Day of School

I can remember the first day of school for Kelly-Anne as if it were just yesterday. She was off to  higher learning at kindergarten. I find it interesting how not just for  myself, that we tend to remember  special, meaningful times in our lives, while others events are simply erased from our memory.

I remember it was a cloudy day. I had shopped for Kelly-Anne and  can even see her now clearly  sitting on the  grass waiting in anticipation for the  school bus to arrive. She wore a beige blouse with a  Peter Pan collar, a blue plaid kilted skirt, a pair of knee high navy blue socks and a pair of leather
navy shoes with a strap across the foot. She carried a red plaid school bag with a Scottish terrier imprinted on the front of the bag. I remember that I made her a name tag and pinned it to her blouse. I even included the  house phone cells in those days!

She was serious about going to school. I remember an expression of deep though and slight wonder as she awaited the bus. There were a few neighbourhood children also waiting.  One in particular, a young  boy with his mother. His mom assured me that  her son would take care of  Kelly-Anne on the bus and that  he would get her to the  right teacher.

Once Kelly-Anne boarded the bus, I felt that slight knot in my throat. There I was with the other moms waving goodbye to our kids.

A few hours later, I  waited for the  bus to return. There she was smiling ear to ear as she stepped down the stairs from the bus....the beginning of  many years of a wonderful school experience.

Now fast forward thirty - three years later, I get to relive that same experience with Paige. I will be with her on the first day of school. I will  walk her to the bus stop and wave to her as she starts a new chapter in her life.

The circle of life and gosh I am so happy to be apart of it.

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