Thursday, July 24, 2008

Judgement day for the Pedophile

Today's sentencing of the Belgium pedophile who flew to Montreal to be with a 13 year old child took me really by surprise. He received a sentence in provincial jail for twenty months. That is all he got for ruining the young girl's life! He has already served one and a half months of time and will probably be out in a few months on good behavior.

The provincial penal system in Quebec does not allow a person charged with a crime to stay more that 2 years plus a day in jail. He, like any other pedophile in the provincial system will not receive treatment for his sickness. Therefore, upon his release (and I hope directly to the airport to take a flight home to his country) nothing will change for him.

I did an interview today with Global on this case. Needless to say the report was just as astounded as I was to hear the decision of the sentencing. A slap on the hand, that's it. I wondering if it had been the child or grandchild of a judge or would that of changed the sentencing?

This pedophile claimed that they were in love. How a 13 year old views love it not at all how he viewed it. She was promised a life in an Amish community where their relationship would not be judged.

My fears and concerning are the following:

1. Will the young girl get the necessary treatment she needs?
2. Will she not try to find a way to communicate with him while he is in jail?
3. Will he not scheme to get her to leave home upon his release and meet up with her out of the country? We know that many teenagers leave home by choice and are never found.
4. What message are we sending to other men or women who think that they are not pedophiles but really are about the lenient sentencing?
5. How can children and their parents be educated about predators on the Internet?
6. Why must he serve his time in Quebec? I would of much rather of seen him board that plane and serve the time in Belgium. More than likely, the sentencing there would have been more severe. It is our tax dollar that will house him.

How do you feel about the sentencing?

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The word 'outrageous' come to mind...