Thursday, July 17, 2008


Our dear boy Sylvester spent the night in the hospital. The vet looked at me and said "Il vont pas bien" ( He is not doing well) I looked at her and asked "Is he going to die?" She couldn't give me a yes or no answer. I panicked....I can't relive loosing someone I love again....I know, I know...he's a cat....but still, he is part of the family and treated like one of the kids. Syl looked so sad, so helpless. He was dehydrated and very lifeless. The hospital ran many tests, gave him an IV drip and antibiotics. We are so venerable when these situations arise. We all want the best care for our pets and it all comes with a price tag. Unfortunately, medicare doesn't cover the costs.

Sylvester is different than most cats. He is part Siamese and is very afraid of the world around him. We knew that he was very sick as the doctor at the hospital said that they put him down next to a huge dog and he didn't even bat an eye. The care and attention which he received was excellent...yes we paid the price too !

He is now on the road to recovery. We did our share of praying this week. I wonder sometimes if Jules and I are really over the top when it comes to the cats. We went out today and bought Sylvester new toys. He really loves those little mouses with long tails.We also bought shampoo and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Syl has bad teeth and gingivitis. He will visit the dentist next month. Ok , Ok've heard enough. I am just grateful for the love and attention which he and his sisters give us. When the chips are down and the tears are flowing, I can always count on the cats to be a listening judgement and always unconditional love.......more than what some humans give to each other.

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Anonymous said...

Non-judgmental, unconditional love...that's what our furry friends are for, Doreen...very understandable.