Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lazy days of summer

The past two weeks I have been on holidays. During this time I have been relaxed, carefree and enjoying the moment. During this time off I have been thinking alot of the summers gone by of my childhood...remember when summer seemed to last forever. Those lazy days of sunshine and swimming. Not much has changed except that the days and weeks move faster and the weather can be tempermental.

I can remember Kelly-Anne and Kim's summers as little girls. They would get on their bicycles with their bags packed with towels, sunscreen and a lunch and off to the pool they would go for swimming lessons and fun. When I arrive at the pool for adult swim I sit and watch the children finishing up their lessons and wonder how many of these children will take swimming to a higher level. How many will become lifeguards? Who will consider competitive life guarding? I see the moms talking together about their children and their summer activities. Memories, memories.

I have also thought alot about my eventual retirement. Will summers be like this when I retire? If it is the case, I can't wait. Flip flops, suntans and aquafit....summer just can't be better.

Oh, and I learnt how to knit at the pool. I have made a few those things. Today I played scrabble. Those lazy days of summer!

Have a safe and happy summer!

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