Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts

This evening, while watching a little t.v. there was a commercial advertising Easter egg chocolates. The scene was a bright sunny afternoon, probably somewhere in the mid -southern states where children were running around in a green space with their baskets hunting for eggs. Jules piped up and said to me " Do you remember when we use to have Easter egg hunts for the girls?" That question struck a cord as those memories of Jules hiding Easter eggs on Easter Sunday brought back a few chuckles and tears.

Jules, being great at hiding things and very crafty at finding unusual areas where no one would ever think of looking...like inside a toilet paper roll while being in the holder would have as much fun as the girls. They would never find all the eggs and months later we would find a couple either melted down or stuck to something.

Easter egg hunts did not just start when Jules came into our lives 11 years ago. When the girls were little we always had hunts. One particular year, we went to Beaver Lake as there was a hunt being put on by the city. I remember that the weather was not exactly dry and warm so Kelly-Anne and Kim wore there rubber boots and ran around an area of the mountain looking for eggs. They really didn't find much of any at all but had a good time participating in the hunt.

One of the special hunts were would have was the golden egg hunt. I would manage to find eggs wrapped in gold paper and buy a couple and place they in strategic areas. Usually we made sure that both girls would find a golden egg.

Many years ago, my best friend Joyce bought the girl's stuffed bunnies. Kelly-Anne named hers Dave and Kim named hers Molly. Kim still has Molly on her bed and would bring her over when she would sleep over. Dave is somewhere at their father's house and I have asked Kim to find him so I can give him a hug.

My story this evening may sound" korky" to some, but for me it brings back those special, sweet childhood memories of too much chocolate and lots of excitement.

This Sunday, Kim Jules & I will have our own little Easter. The Easter egg will not happen....as Jules says we will wait until Kim has her own little ones running around.

Happy Passover and Easter to all!

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