Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Letter to my Daughter

Dear Kelly-Anne,

Would it  be appropriate to wish you a happy 33rd Birthday today? I know you are smiling down from Heaven and at peace.I know you are happy for your friends and family that remember you on a daily basis. I know you are working hard from above to help us. You have helped all your friends and family and those you never met like Mario.

You were here yesterday in our house. I thought of you  and realized that what had just happened was something you put in place. It was a good thing that happened  and I thank you for that. It was your  way of telling me that you cared and wanted to find a way to help me find a solution to my problem.

Today I was speaking to a group of students studying to be Early Childhood  Educators. You  helped me wing it as I felt your presence  with me in that classroom. I spoke about you and your sister and about the work you both  did with children. I also spoke about my  business and about  taking care of oneself during pregnancy. My goodness, my life has changed...who would of thought.......I would be where I am today. And you were there always, these past  8 years, through thick and thin, always by my side.

I thank you for the  baby that will be apart of our family. I know you are beaming with pride. Saturday evening, I will see your  friends from life guarding. Hugs and kisses will flow and I  will try to put on my brave face.  I promise. Their news, their little additions to their families for which I am very happy for them, still  leaves me with a wound straight through my heart. They have all the things that you should of had an opportunity to have.

Remember Kell, you are never forgotten. This week has been an emotionally charged one leading  up to today. You have to realize that I did shed some tears this morning, but you helped me be strong throughout the day. Thank you for that.

The Christmas tree is up. The balls which you so perfectly made are hanging on the tree and  Jules and I reminisced about Christmases past with you. 

I await your next message or a dream with you in it.

Sending all my love to you,

Mom xxxxx

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Ingrid said...

The Dutch have a wonderful tradition which is that on your birthday, the parents get the congratulations because they are the ones who brought you into the world. So all the best, Doreen! Your girls will always be your girls...and soon you will have an addition to your family...something to look forward to and be proud of! xoxo