Sunday, October 14, 2012

Find Your Courage

Through fate, I was very fortunate to meet a writer/producer who had worked on a film called Dreams and Mirrors which un known to her at the time, Kelly-Anne had also worked on this very same film.The short end of the story is that we met and instantly seemed to have a connection. She had a goal in mind to produce a film and I wanted very much to have someone help me tell Kelly-Anne's story. With the wonderful collaboration of a  film maker from Toronto, we  spent a day together in late August  2011 and  filmed Find Your Courage. What a day it was with emotions coupled with memories and many what if's for myself.  

After one year of   filming the  film is now completed and ready for distributing. It is a 7 minute film geared to reach the community being families, parents and women going through what Kelly-Anne lived. I have reviewed the final product several times and  I know that my words will touch someone. If one life is saved, then I know that all our work was not in vain.

A short segment of the  film will be aired on CTV Montreal News on October 26th along side  a piece on teen violence which I also had the privilege to  participate in. CTV Montreal has been from day one very supportive of our family. They were there at the court house reporting daily on the trial. They have supported the work I have done with  families of those  murdered, issues related to government  policy, domestic violence issues and reporting on events in the community where Kelly-Anne is  remembered through Power of  One and  other newscasts.  I am not a television star and far from it, but I am humbled with appreciation that  CTV has helped me to be my daughter's voice.

Once the story has been aired, I will post a link for those who would like to view on line. I do hope that at some point the entire footage of the Find Your Courage will be on line.

I truly believe that Kelly-Anne brought me and Ingrid together through Dreams and Mirrors. Little did Kelly-Anne know in 2003 while helping out on the  film that  years later what impact her life and legacy would make on so many others.

Stay tune to CTV Montreal on October 26th. If you know families or other women or teens who are struggling because of abusive situations, I ask again to reach out and maybe even get them to watch the  piece. It is not just about me and my daughter making a difference, you can too in your community help someone in need. Break the silence on abuse.

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