Friday, February 1, 2013

February Already !

I have  just been reminded that we are  already at February 1st....what happened to January, I asked myself early this morning. Time seems to be going at a speed  that is faster that I can keep up with. It has been busy at work with  the challenges of renovating the office and dealing with contractors and sub contractors  which is a totally  new phenomena for  me. I  have learnt that there is lot of politics involved....mostly he said, she said stuff....all nonsense. At the end of the day, I just want a
nice welcoming and  functional office for the many clients who visit us.

January also brought me day dreaming especially during a couple of nasty cold weeks about my flip flops who are warmly stored in  my bedroom closet. I have said to many, I  really am a summer person. January brought also many challenges for my hubby. He is actively looking for a job. CV's are sent out  every day and few even get acknowledged. I keep telling him the right  job will be  yours at the right  time and that  Kelly-Anne will help you. Jules had been bored and even attempted to cook a meal or two..... the effort was there and I  graciously ate the meals...Enough said on that....

Somethings that I hoped would change for 2013 like  homicides, however have not. Another women has been murdered in Montreal last  night. Apparently she was stabbed. Earlier in January we learnt that a 12 year old boy killed his 16 year old brother with a gun.  Why I ask did this child have access to a gun....everyone has  a different take on who really is responsible for the  murder.

Looking forward to the rest of this month reminds that this is the month of love....well every month should be the month of love for that matter. But for myself and my hubby, we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. We also look forward in anticipation of Jules becoming employed...we are being positive that he will find the right job. Next week I will take a few days off and pretend it is summer.....meaning if you are looking for me, you can find me swimming in a local pool. It is time for me to unwind and reflect. The water has an amazing effect on me.

Jules and I  have both been havng crazy dreams....but  I did have one beautiful dream. I dreamt I was  holding my new granddaughter. She was wearing a blue and white stripped  knitted  hat in the I am wondering if Kim will have  a little surprise of her own when the baby is born. Let's wait and see!

Wishing all of you  a happy February. Do whatever you choose to make the month an exciting time.

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