Monday, March 25, 2013

40 Weeks

I laid in bed  last night thinking about Kim and the soon to be arrival of  the baby. 40 weeks has finally arrived and it seems that the baby is not  quite ready to come out and face the world.  Alot has been going through my mind about how Kim's labour will  be. She said something very profound to me a few weeks ago....something that I  support and truly believe in as I  use the same thinking in facing life's challenges.

We were talking about labour  and how my labour was when I was  giving birth to  Kim. Kim said that she would  have a natural  birth with no meds. She said she had  passed through the worst pain in her  life so this was going to be easy. I was so proud to hear those words from her  as  I have adopted that thinking after loosing my job after 28  years of service back in 2009.  A sudden homicide of a loved one is the worst thing anyone could go through, so whatever happens  later in life that seems dramatic, for me  can be dealt with much easier. I passed a colonoscopy a few years ago with no meds. The doctor  kept on offering and I kept on refusing. I said to him and the nurses that  I had already passed the worst pain in my life so this would be peanuts as compared to the pain Kelly-Anne had suffered.

Jules and I both faced job losses and we both continued to forge forward. Yes I did find my  dream job and Jules continues with much  gusto even with  doors closing in front of him. He is so resilient.

I know this week will be a life changing week for our family especially for Kim and her boyfriend. A new life filled with adventures, joys, tears....motherhood and fatherhood.

As we approach  Passover and Easter, I find it fitting that new life in our family happens this week. Irony.........or maybe Kelly-Anne again is using her angel powers.

Blessings to all of you !

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Lissa Laurin said...

Hi my name is Lissa Kattas-Laurin. I met Doreen at a Christmas dinner with our church, St. George. My friend Sharyn introduced us. I immediately thought Doreen was so warm and friendly. I liked her right away. A few days later, I spoke with Sharyn and expressed how much fun that evening was and how I enjoyed my conversation with Doreen. I then learned about the devastating tragedy to Kelly-Anne and her family. I had such an ache in my heart, for what they all must have experienced. I felt that same pain, because, my brother was killed by a drunk driver July 15, 1986. Sharyn, myself and a couple of other friends will be getting together tomorrow for breakfast. I can't wait because these women are so sweet and strong and as well as funny! I have read this blog, watched the video of Kelly, looked at all the pics and I have to say, it is so well written and lovely. Kelly is truly loved and remembered.