Friday, April 18, 2008

Kelly-Anne's Presence

As Jules and I planned our wedding for February 2007, we thought about how we could pay tribute to Kelly-Anne. We wanted her to be remembered and be apart of this occasion. Our theme was Valentine's Day. I had been browsing on EBay and saw this candlestick holder which was originally from an Avon catalogue from 1979. How fitting I thought. Kelly- Anne was born that year and the candlestick holder had hearts all over it. I went ahead for the first time and made a bid. The next day I saw that I had won my was under $10.00 and I made arrangements to have the candlestick holder sent to me from the United States. The package traveled across the country only to be returned to the west coast by Post Canada saying that our address did not exist. Needless to say, the address on the package was correct and I finally received the candlestick holder. I guess it was meant for our wedding. I wonder if Kelly-Anne had anything to do with that. You can see the candlestick holder in this picture on the table. Kim and I both light the candle during the service as a symbol of light and of Kelly-Anne's presence with us.

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