Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Dinners

Today, we celebrate Orthodox Easter. I try to keep some of the traditions from my family and their roots alive. My grandparents on my mother and father 's side both immigrated to Canada from Lebanon at the turn of the century. My grandparents came here as teenagers, poor and created businesses here in Quebec, thus making their contribution to our economy. The only surviving member of my mother's family is her sister Violet who is now 91 years. She spent most of her years in a town outside of Montreal , but now resides here. I made a commitment a few years ago, that as long as she is alive and able, I would always have her for the holidays.

It really is a joy to have her with us. She may not remember all of our names and how we are related to her, but she is lively and full of repetitive conversation. She seems to attract the younger generation. Kelly-Anne adored Violet. I can remember Kelly-Anne's last Christmas. She sat next to Violet on the sofa and just chatted away with her. Kim now goes at times and takes care of Violet at her residence and enjoys every minute of it. There is always a little story to tell after the day is over...little things Violet will do or say that just amazes us about her sense of awareness.

Last Christmas, Maya sat on the floor beside Violet's chair. Violet looked over at Maya, then looked up at us and said "Nice dog you have there." Well, I wonder what Maya thought of that! Of the three felines, Maya seems to be the one who hovers around Violet when she is with us.

The table is set, the food is pretty well prepared. We will enjoy the day, give thanks to the Lord for family and friends gathered, the sunshine and gifts that He has given us. A candle will be lit for Kelly-Anne as she always has a place at our table.

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