Thursday, April 10, 2008

Resources for Abused Women in Canada

Part of the purpose of this blog is to be a resource to other women who are in an abusive relationship or for other individuals who may know of someone who is and would like to try and help them. I will be posting periodically information which I have either researched and thought valuable to share with you or information which I may have obtained through my networking with the many women's organizations which I present to.

Here is a website with all the names and addresses of women's shelters across Canada.


Anonymous said...

How can I help my neighbour who is being abused by her spouse? I know I could call the police but I dont know when the abuse is happening and she would probably deny it. I will give her the list of shelters but I would like to do more.

Doreen said...

If you give her the list of shelters, you are letting her know that you know that something is not right in her home.I hope you have a chance to speak to her alone.Look for any visuable signs of violence, ext bruises , swelling. You can tell her that the laws in Quebec allow women in abusive relaltionships to get out of their leases without any penality, providng that they make a police report. She now is seeing "black" around her and is most probably very scared as he may of threatened her if she talks. She needs to be reassured that she will be safe if she goes to the police.If she agrees to go to the police ,ask to accompany her and do it immediately, not tomorrow as she may change her mind. You also can go to your local police station and make them aware of what is going on. Keep me posted. I hope I have helped you.

Doreen said...


I have assummed that you are from Quebec and that your neighbour rents. Sorry, that may not be the case. If you are outside of Quebec , I would follow up with the police regarding the laws in your province or state regarding women who are in abusive relations...what rights to they have about getting out of their leases. This law only came into effect here in Quebec in April 2006...ironically while we were in court for Kelly-Anne's murder.