Monday, December 15, 2008

A Mother's Endless Love

Today, I gathered with many others to say goodbye to Ray. She is the mother of my dear friend Gloria. Gloria is one of these friends that is always there...through thick or thin...her son Richard was a good friend of Kelly-Anne and is it because of them that Gloria and I became friends.

I sat at Paperman's and was so touched how Gloria's sister, brother and niece paid tribute to this incredible women. She was the epitome of motherhood. We were told that sometimes she would cook a different meal for each of her four children along with her husband 's meal on the same day as she wanted to be sure that her children would be happy and have what they liked the best. Her son talked of his mother's love for cooking and the home. Ray cared about everyone and was so proud of her grandchildren and their accomplishments. As I listened to the testimonies, I couldn't help think of my own mother Alyce. She too loved and cared for her family and loved to cook. Ray and Alyce should of been friends.
" Motherhood is priced
Of God, at price no man dare
To lessen or misunderstand"
- Helen Hunt Jackson
Rest in peace Ray. Your worked has been valiantly completed on earth. Now it is your time to rest in God's house.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Doreen,
I am finally checking my emails after l week of mourning with the family. I am extremely touched by what you wrote of my mother, and must add there are not enough words to describe this extremely kind and loving mother and human being who has taught me to always be there when someone is in need.
Everyone should be like this amazing woman. G-d Bless you, Doreen.
Love Gloria