Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Road Trip

Early December I traveled to Ontario with the White Tigers to speak to teenagers across the province about abusive relationships. In Kelly-Anne words , she would of declared this voyage as a "road trip". I can tell you that we sure did see alot of highways especially in the dark!

I was able to tell my story and that of Kelly-Anne's to close to 2,000 teenage girls and women. Each time I spoke, the reaction in each city was the same, not a sound was heard in the conference rooms. All eyes were fixated on me and as I looked at the girls...some cried silently. The silence told me that my audience was absorbing my story and that they were feeling my pain. The questions afterwards were incredible...some I really had to think about my answers.

Questions like do I believe in capital punishment. What would I say to parents who are having a difficult time with their daughters who are in abusive relationships. What am I going to do in insure that Kelly-Anne's murderer stays in prison forever.

The week was emotional. I met great police officers and wonderful young people who came up to me to talk and tell me about themselves. I love speaking out and feel that I am planting seeds with theses young women. I hope that they never forget me, Kelly-Anne or our story and that they will make the right decisions if ever faced with an abusive partner that they will get our of the relationship without any fear of repercussion.

Next conferences USA: April 2009
Canada east coast: May 2009

I`m just going to do it....nothing can stop me from spreading the word!

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