Monday, February 1, 2010

Being a Mom

Kim decided back in July of last year to move out with her and Kelly-Anne's childhood friend Monique and her baby Lilah. That made me very happy but of course brought back memories of Kelly-Anne being excited about moving into her first apartment. The situation was different, Kelly-Anne and Marty were moving in together and that brought about a stress that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Kim's move brought me bittersweet memories as I saw her unpack alot of Kelly-Anne's household possessions. I was happy that Kim agreed to use them in her apartment.

My worries about Kim are different that what they were about Kelly-Anne. Kim has been coming over on weekends and leaving with a big bag of home cooked meals. That really makes me happy. She tells me that my homemade soups are amazing. I don't want to sound like an enabler but knowing that Kim is eating well and is living in a clean, safe environment is important to me.

I would of loved to have cooked more for Kelly-Anne. I made her a pizza a couple of weeks before she left for Italy. I never knew if Kelly-Anne liked the pizza as there was no talk of it afterwards. I realize now that pizza was the last thing on Kelly-Anne's mind; she was suffering so much inside of herself.

I cherish the time that I have now with Kim, cooking and talking about adult stuff...what her wedding dress will look like, what names she likes for children, and of course discussing up bring and behavior of children. Now the next step is finding the perfect Mr. Right for her. How I would love to be the Mom in the movie..."Because I Said So" you think I could pull it off?

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