Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti -The Aftermath

The past few weeks all eyes have been on Haiti. The pain, the deaths, the suffering and the fellowship have all been deeply relayed through the media. We are fortunate here in Montreal to have Sue Montgomery writing for the Gazette. She spent two weeks living with the people in Haiti. Her bed consisted of a piece of cardboard which she slept on under the stars.

Before Christmas , Sue and I met up for lunch. It had been a long time that we had not seen each other, so it was good to catch up. I remember sitting in the resto munching on my goat cheese salad and listening to her talk about her traveling adventures. We parted after lunch and did not know then that the country of these already impoverished people would have to face four weeks later, as much as Sue did not know that she would be off to help the people of Haiti.

While Sue was in Haiti, memories of a conversation came back to me. Kelly-Anne must of been in high school and one day were were talking about her future. She said to me that she wanted to be a journalist reporting in countries around the world. Kelly-Anne did graduate from Concordia in Communications but did not get much opportunity to work in her field. She was never able to live her dream in a career which she was excited about. I remember thinking back then when Kell said she would welcome the opportunity to go to war torn countries to report. Sounds like nothing could put in fear in her, but it sure did in me. My first thought was no way...I am not going to loose my daughter because of any war. Reflecting about that today, Kell would have been safer in a war torn country or a country like Haiti than being in her own home.

I feel that if Kell had had the opportunity, she would have had Sue as a mentor. I see so much of the same traits in both them of them. Sue and Kelly-Anne have also taught me a little something, that being gung ho and a bit of an adventurist is a good thing. I have taught myself that fear is only an obstacle that cannot be allowed to control my life. It's a non- issue.

I have to go up 45 flights in an elevator each day to get to my office.....and I was always fearful of elevators. It's a choice...I wasn't about to let my fear get in the way of having a great job in a great company.

I know that Sue 's voice of the people will remain with them for ever. I only wish that Kelly-Anne would of had that opportunity to live out her dream.

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