Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Olympics & Kelly-Anne

We have been swamped with great competitions from the many young athletes representing countries from all over the world. It has been quite exciting to see what capacities, determination and athleticism that these competitors have. The Olympics also brought tears to my eyes. We have seen the sudden deaths of a luger and of Joannie Rochette's mom.

My tears during the opening ceremonies were also for Kelly-Anne. She loved the Olympics and was thrilled when women's waterpolo was finally accepted as an Olympic sport. I can remember the many Olympic games where Kelly-Anne would be glued to the television. I think it is every dream of an athletic to one day be an Olympian. For Kelly-Anne, one of her achievements was that of a gold medal for Canada in Wasago Beach, Ontario in 2003 in surf ski.

For me , Kelly-Anne is my Olympian.

No matter who wins or looses, the games are a wonderful reminder of what we are capable of achieving ; that our successes are within ourselves; that we can all be athletics in our own way. These young people have shown that being focused and courageous as Joannie showed us last evening is all within our reach.

I am aspired by these athletics, just as Kelly-Anne inspired me and continues to do so even in her death.

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