Friday, August 16, 2013

I am Always with You

A few weeks ago, I had again the strangest dream. Kelly-Anne seems to be everywhere these days but this dream  left me with a very soothing message.

It was winter and we were on a  chartered bus in a  shopping mall parking lot. Kelly-Anne turned to me and said that she forgot her bathing suit at the pool and that we had to go quickly to  retrieve it from the bottom of the pool. We got off the bus and ran to the  pool. Her bathing suit with the number 4 on it was  in clear view but at the bottom of the pool. She asked me to get it, but I hestated as I said I could not swim down that  far. Somehow I  leaned over the pool and  picked up the bathing suit...that in my dream was not clear, but I did  have it in my hands. We ran  back to were the bus was only to see that it had departed. We stood there in the parking lot alone together and realized that my car, a black one was parked  nearby. We got in the car and drove away.

Strange as it is, I woke up from that dream and realized again that  she is always with me... we only needed each  other. I retrieved her bathing suit with her help and even though the bus  left without us we still managed to find transportation.

Just wanted to share this with you........I feel inspired , reassured and happy that Kelly-Anne  finds her way into my life on a daily basis to encourage and help me.

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