Monday, August 25, 2014

Being Innovated

Our house has been for sale for two months short of a year. People visit and are never to been seen again. It really is frustrating. All we  want to do is sell and re locate in another  town where my  hubby works. We would be closer to Kim and her family too. There are so many houses and condos on the market, therefore it really is a buyer's market. We seem to have exhausted ourselves trying to find a suitable buyer.

Potential buyers seems to want everything  perfect.  I have researched  many any hour looking at various houses on the Internet. Black, red, grey, green walls and doors. Imagine the many coats of paint that would have to cover all those very colorful walls? People are so concerned about what they  don't have to do in a house. What house is walk in perfect? Unless you custom build your own house, you  will not find perfection anywhere.

This whole house thing brings me  asking would Kelly-Anne have dealt with this issue? What innovated idea would she have put together to sell her home? I am still looking for that answer. I know there is  a solution but just can't yet seem to put my finger on it.

Hopefully, Kelly-Anne will send me a message in her own angel way. Kelly-Anne was always solution orientated. So am I, but this  house selling business has to be  one of the biggest obstacles and challenges I have ever had to deal with. I stress out while Jules takes in all in his stride. Wish I could be more like him.

Well tomorrow is another day......

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