Friday, August 22, 2014

Un Tuer si Proche

Yesterday, our house looked like a mini  film studio. The film crew from Pixcom were here to  film segments of the documentary entitled Un Tuer si Proche which is on Canal D. I was contacted by the researcher last month and accepted to allow Kelly-Anne's story to be portrayed on t.v.

Someone will play the part of Kelly-Anne and the  killer. It feels strange to know that someone will act as Kelly - Anne. Who will she be? I  don't know, but I  do hope I get to meet her in person. Will  she have the long curly hair, the so prefect legs, the green eyes and warm welcoming smile? I find this part of the entire film emotional. Yesterday, I did my best in French to answer the questions that were asked of me. It was tense, especially the very last question. I was asked  "What do I think of Martin Morin -Cousineau"....I won't tell you my answer. You will have to watch the show...a year from now and find out. But, I think you can figure out what I said.

Once the morning filming was completed, the crew headed out to film other people involved in the story. It is a big project and I  am happy that the French  population will get to know Kelly-Anne and her story. I always felt that there was not enough exposure within the French media about her case, so for this, I am now happy. If the film saves one life, then it was worth the time and effort by all participants.

Even ten years later, people still want know about Kelly-Anne. I am touched by that. She left us a legacy and a story that needs to be told.

I ask myself at times if I will ever  live my life in a more normal state. No cameras, no interviews, no public speaking, so presentations.  The reality is that this is my normal, the normal that I was led to live because of the event that changed my life forever. Being my daughter's voice.......

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