Friday, June 6, 2008

Krispy Kreme Donuts

I just saw a little article today about the best donut shops around and I had a flashback about something Kelly-Anne said and did back in 2003. It was the year that Krispy Kreme opened a shop at Marché Central. It was all the rage and people were lining up for donuts. Kelly-Anne had mentioned Krispy Kreme to me prior to that as she tasted them while living in San Diego in 2002.

One day Kell and I were window shopping at Fairview Pointe Claire. Kell turned to me and said , "So Mom, do you thing I look like I lost any weight this week?" I looked at her and remarked casually that she looked the same as usual. Then, she proceeded to tell me of her Krispy Kreme adventure with one of her good friends. She tells me that a few days prior to our shopping day, she and her friend went to line up at Krispy Kreme. Kelly-Anne told me that she purchased two dozen donuts and managed to eat 22 of them.

And you are asking me if you look like you lost any weight this week ? Oh that Kell, she always found a way to make me laugh....imagine 22 donuts!


Rachel said...

Funny story Do Do. I remember this too. But the shop was at Marche de L'Ouest not Marche Centrale. She used to ride her bike to get the donuts. And she told me that she did, in fact, gain almost 10 pounds from them until she realized she felt like shit and quit eating them. What a funny girl Kell was!!! Hope you are well.

Doreen said...

Hi Raye,

Thanks for your comment. I remember that she went with M.L. and they had been to the apt. just prior to going there. You could be right,but I think that on that particuliar occassion they were going to Marché Central....don't tell me she did this at both donut shops locations!
What a least she was able to excercise it all off.
We are all well and I hope you are too.