Monday, June 23, 2008

My Mom

Today I remember my Mom Alyce. She passed away 15 years ago today. Mom had Alzheimer's. I really don't know what is worst- Cancer or Alzheimer's. I was thinking today of what was really special about my mom and what do I have in common with her. Here's my list:
1. Mom loved to cook and have the family gathered around her table. So do I.
2. Mom loved to decorate her Christmas trees...yes two of them. One was white , the other was green. I love decorating my one white tree.
3. Mom would play on the floor with Kelly-Anne and Kim when they were young children. I always enjoyed doing that too.
4. Mom loved her children so very much. She worried about us and would stay up late if we were out with friends. So am I this way. I even still call Kim on her cell late at night if she is out. She thinks I am crazy as I only say "I just want to hear your voice."
5. Mom was a news junkie. So am I.
6. Mom always had an idea on how to enterprise herself. So do I.
7. Mom loved to do crochet, knit and draw. Unfortunately I thought I never inherited any of that from her...but those Christmas balls have now changed my opinion of myself. Thanks Mom !
8. Mom believed in eating lots of salads and vegetables. So do I.
9. Mom believed that we should never go outside barefoot as we could get arthritis. I wish I believed you then Mom.
Mom always insisted that we wear a hat and scarf.....thanks mom, I really love my scarfs and so did Kelly-Anne and so does Kim.
10. Mom knew how to get the best out of a dollar. So do I.

I have no doubt that Mom has been an angel looking over us. I am sure that she cried too when Kelly-Anne was taken from us. I know that they are together taking care of each other now.
Thanks Mom for the great memories. We miss you.

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Kim said...

Well it is good to know that these characteristics are still being passed down. It makes me sad to know that I didn’t know many of these things about my Nanny. I was 12 when she passed away. But very grateful for the fact that My Mother and Father always made it very important that we spend time with our grandparents. It is uplifting to know that I do share these qualities with my grandmother. She was a pretty wonderful Nanny and so was my Poppy.
I have already inherited the late night phone calls, and I fell badly for my future children. But I do now understand my parent’s worry for my sister and I. I often call my dad when he is not home after work at 11:20, just to make sure he is ok.
My parents also raised us on watching the news as it was a form of education, so…. thanks Nanny.
I would love to say I believe #9….but everyone knows I hate wearing shoes, love buying them…but would rather be bar foot all day. The neighbors do not like it when I walk in their home with dirty feet. I should leave slippers at each house! I don’t know, I like the feeling of the ground. The cooking and baking will always be very popular and carry on. And I will also do something my grandparents did often, or I can see my mother doing this when I bring over my kids….On Sundays when my grandmother wasn’t very well my Poppy would go out and get KFC for everyone. Without knowing my grandmothers health was getting worse, that still was the greatest meal and time spent together. She would chaise us down the hall way trying to clean our hands, and all you see is too curly haired girls running and yelling “Our hands our clean!!”. Probably the best spent Sundays ever.
And the scarf’s…well that explains the 18 I brought home from Europe last November!

I also remember that day Kell and Monique left for PEI. I was at so mad. I again felt I was left out of something fun, being the youngest of the group I often felt like that. But I got over it. Monique and I had our PEI trip a couple summer’s ago, and we had a good time and it was very important for us to share that experience together.

I think of my grandparents often, and wonder what it would be like if they were here. Also, what it would have been like if they were alive when Kelly-Anne died. All I know, is that they were right there when Kell went to Heaven.
I spend a lot of time with my great aunt Violet, who is Nanny’s sister. Alyce and Violet. I learn a lot from watching Violet, and I see my Nanny in her so much. I also see sisters, and remember one other thing I take from them, their sisterhood, and their bond. I often give Violet her wedding picture that had Alyce in it. And Violet responds, “my sister Alyce” “where is she”? And then makes some remarks about how beautiful their dresses were. It makes me tear up every time.
Maybe that is where and Why Kelly-Anne and I were so close. Aylce and Violet are very inspiring ladies, as some say that Kelly-Anne and I were, or are.
I hope one day I have an Alyce and a Violet to help keep our families strong bond of sibling’s alive.

Kim Drummond.