Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Tradition Continues On........

Kelly-Anne had a real knack when it came to making crafts. Her family and friends are very fortunate to have decorations in our homes and in particular on our Christmas trees which Kelly-Anne created. I know it is a little early to be talking about Christmas, but since I have been home recovering from my operation, I have done alot of thinking of what projects and activities lie ahead for this year.

Two years ago Kim decided that she would be continuing Kell's tradition of Christmas Ball decorations. I was amazed of the talent that she too demonstrated...her creativity, style, colors ....really awesome. Last year Kim thought that we should make Christmas Balls to donate to Kelly-Anne's Annual fundraiser for Lifesaving Society. We headed up to Ottawa to Michael's and practically bought out the store. We returned home and started our project. Wow, firstly it was a great stress reliever to be sitting at the table and working with the mind and hands to create these ornaments. I can remember in the still of the night sitting with a cup of tea, Maya nearby and working on the ornaments. I did not realize that I too would allow my creativity to work in such an interesting and refreshing way.

Now I plan to seek out the plain glass balls earlier this year. I will be extending the sales of these balls to the community at large...with a portion of the sales going to The Kelly-Anne Drummond Foundation. Just to give you a little insight of the was created the day Kelly-Anne died. Because of her love for competitive life guarding, we decide that having a foundation would allow other young Quebec athletes to achieve their goals a little easier. I remember how hard it was in 2004 prior to Kelly-Anne's death to raise money and prepare for her trip to the World Championships in Italy. Now, with assistance of the fund, other athletics will be able to train, travel to competitions and have the necessary equipment to train with.

We will be selling the Christmas Balls again this year at the fundraiser in Dollard des Ormeaux on November 28th 2008. The proceeds of the sales at the event will be at 100% to the foundation.

If anyone would like to purchase the balls during the year, I will take orders. As soon as I have some made, I will post pictures so you will have an idea of how they look. A portion of the sales will go to Kelly-Anne's fund. I know I have been talking about Christmas balls, but they can be made to cater to any event , any theme, any season. They make beautiful gifts and decorations for the home or even a keepsake for a special occasion.....weddings, birthdays.

By creating these balls, I feel that I am continuing Kelly-Anne's tradition and helping her fund all at the same time. Also, it's a therapy that helps to get through the difficult moments and it feels good to know that I am contributing to something Kelly-Anne loved.

You may email me if you would like more information about the balls or would like to make a purchase.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for the fundraiser, Doreen, I look forward to seeing your creations. In the meantime, can we see pictures of the ones that Kelly-Anne made please?



Doreen said...

I would love to show you Kelly-Anne's beautiful Christmas ormaments, but they are presently packed away. In December ( I know it's far off) I will take pictures of them and post.