Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3rd 2004: The Day that Changed Our Lives Forever

I remember October 3rd as being much like today. It was cool and the sun shone. I picked up Kim to go to Fairview as she asked me to go with her to look for shoes for a wedding she was to attend. I asked Kim if we should call Kell to join us. She said no because as I quote her: " Kelly-Anne and Marty were having a Kelly-Anne and Marty day ". I thought ok, that's nice. Off we went to Fairview.I remember bumping into my dental hygienist....I always seem to bump into someone I know when shopping at Fairview.

It was just an ordinary Sunday. I cooked supper and prepared for the week ahead. I remember that evening sitting in my pj's in front of the t.v. watch On Assignment. The topic was the "Coroner's Office." How creepy is that.I then went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. The phone rang around 11:00 p.m. I didn't answer it at first as I though it was part of my dream. Once I woke, I laid in bed and then phone rang again and I answered it. From that moment on, my life had changed and now I was in a tailspin of emotions. Through a series of events I soon found myself at the hospital and thinking that I was still asleep in my dream.

I remember at one point being given the telephone. There was a male voice at the other end. I remember the voice sounding kind. I don't remember why I was speaking to him, but I remember him wishing me luck. He was a police detective, a man unknown to me and now had come into our lives. He would be the man that would eventually fight for justice for Kelly-Anne,her family, friends and the community.To this day, he remains very special to me and I hold him close in my heart. The hours went by as we sat by Kelly-Anne who was so lifeless. We were in total disbelief. Somehow the disbelief still remains with me.

This weekend so far we hear of multiple murders, much like the weekend six years ago. What is it about the first weekend in October that gives the right to people to kill each other.

The cemetery was wet and cold today. The aura of silence filled the plots as cars slowly drove through to pay respects to their loved ones. We noticed that the flat stone monuments needed fixing. The land has sunken and is starting to destroy the usual pristine look of the cemetery. We added our bouquet of flowers to the flowers that her father had placed. They all looked beautiful together as the colors blended in so well.No matter how long the time passes there is always such a profound sadness when we are standing over her grave. Kelly-Anne should not be there. Each time I am there I keep looking at the name inscribed on the plaque, hoping that there has been some terrible mistake and that I am visiting someone with the same name who has died after living a very long and fulfilling life. But reality sets in when I see the dates and know that it really is Kelly-Anne buried there.

A candle was lit at supper hour and remains next to Kell's grad picture. Tonight I choose to honor Kelly-Anne with one of her favorite meals. Roast beef encrusted with black pepper and oregano with assorted vegetables.

The sun has now set and the night lies ahead. I am so tired that I hope I will sleep well. Rachel has called me. I was so happy to hear her voice. She writes on her blog that she ask that we" pray for the repose of Kelly-Anne's soul and for strength,peace, and grace for all those who loved her".. I seconded her request.

" May her memory be eternal."

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