Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 7

Here is a picture which I promised that I would post. These are a sample of the greeting cards which Kelly-Anne would create. It came to my attention only today when I browsed through them that Kell had written notes in certain samples that she had been experimenting with. They were notes to herself on how she could make improvements using different types of glue, ribbons and fabric. Typical Kelly-Anne always trying to find better ways of doing things! I also found apiece of paper where she had broken down the costs of making the cards. You can see the Ladybug cards in red. She had them costing her $0.03 each to produce.I wonder what she intended on selling them for. It was all about detail and originality that made her cards special.

Today, I watched the installation of the new Governor General of Canada. I though of Kelly-Anne while I watched as I somehow know that she would of enjoyed watching this ceremony. She would of been most impressed with them man from Newfoundland who sang a special song to the new GG. Kell loved Celtic east coast music the likes of Ashey MacIssac and others. For those that do not know this, Kell was conceived in Carbonear, NLFD so I guess that may be a reason why she loved east coast music.

Today,I feel out of sorts. I really could use some sunshine! I continue to apply for jobs as I want to keep all my options opened. Still no news from my telephone interview a couple of days ago. I know the right thing will happen for me at the right time.

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